Putting Happiness Into A Healthy Lifestyle This January
Getting Back To Basics: Simple Self Care For Tough Times
Modern Life Is Stressful – Why Meditation Is The Answer

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The Meditation In Schools Initiative

“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” Socrates In February 2019, we were privileged enough to bring the transformative practice of meditation to children at Islington’s New North Academy. As part of an initiative to support and protect the mental health of children, who are under increasing pressure in the […]

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How to Stop the Winter Blues Overwhelming You At Work

  At this time of year, we can all find ourselves a little bogged down in the winter blues. Waking up and travelling in the dark, niggly seasonal illnesses and the fact that Spring still feels very far away can make dragging ourselves out of bed to get to work feel like the last thing […]

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Modern Life is Stressful – Why Meditation is the Answer

  In many ways, it seems churlish to argue that life isn’t now is more comfortable, convenient and prosperous than it has ever has been. While our ancestors spent their days grubbing up roots for a mud-and-onion stew, getting tormented by Vikings or diligently developing scurvy, we get to sit around eating pizzas and watching […]

Putting Happiness into a Healthy Lifestyle This January

  As a culture, we put a lot of stock into the idea of self-denial and transformation in January. Whether it’s work mornings over the Christmas period spent feeling nauseous after one too many sherbets the evening before, or our diets reaching Peak Chocolate, there comes a moment when we think “blimey, this really must […]

Our Highlights of 2018!

  Happy New Year everyone! We’ve got a very exciting year ahead of us at Will Williams Meditation, but before all that, we think it’s the right time to pause, reflect and look back over 2018. For many of us, the New Year is a psychologically powerful time. We are irresistibly drawn to the concepts […]

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The Most Stressful Things About Christmas (And How Meditation Can Help!)

  As it does every year, December has raced past in a most inconsiderate manner. All those preparatory days have gone, and Christmas is waiting excitedly round the corner to rugby tackle us into a world of festive joviality and endless cheese boards. It goes without saying that Christmas is wonderful, but these last few […]

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