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A Commuter’s Dream

It has been reported that a third of all Londoners spend an entire work day commuting each week. In an end of year survey, 30% of workers spent an average of 8 hours and 45 minutes commuting, and another 31% spent 6 hours and 15 minutes commuting. For most of us, commuting is fairly unpleasant […]

Learning From Plastic-Free February

  It turns out that going plastic-free is far from easy. In fact, as Will mentioned in his last post, it’s nigh-on impossible. The use of disposable plastics has become so pervasive that it’s only possible to appreciate it once you are trying to cut down, and the problem goes far beyond taking our own […]

Lupus Awareness Month

  Few people really understand what it’s like to have Lupus, or even have a clear idea of what it is. As the many symptoms Lupus creates can vary so wildly within and between patients, even medical professionals can be under-informed or fail to recognise the problem – sometimes making getting a clear diagnosis a […]

Nick Hopper’s Poem – Written on retreat – June 2016

Breathing slows, Eyes flutter closed, Like a playful stone the mind skips and dances across the surface of a sea of swelling consciousness, Rippling, fleeing, wilful, yet ever decelerating, before sinking into the deep, Swaddled in an embrace of stillness, nurtured and primed we wait

Neuroplasticity, Meditation and Transforming Consciousness

  We all tend to accept that once we’re adults, not much in our physical (and sometimes even spiritual) selves will change. Away from the uncertainty of adolescence – where there’s the constant uneasy feeling that we’ll look in the mirror and our nose will be twice as big, or our legs will grow by […]

Halloween Special… Childhood Fears!

  It’s that wonderful time of year again, Halloween! For a brief but brilliant time, it’s socially acceptable to send children out to intimidate strangers into handing over sweets. It’s also the only time when a white sheet with eyeholes is a legitimate party outfit. For these and many other reasons Halloween is one of […]

Getting Back to Basics: Simple Self Care for Tough Times

  It’s been wonderful to see, over the last few years, just how much self-care has become part of the conversation – in the media and beyond. For many of us, embracing the concept of self-care has been a vital part of tangible improvements in our lives, as we are better able to manage everything […]

Having a Healthier Christmas, Part One

  For many people, Christmas is about letting go of all the usual rules. The sensible bit of your brain which usually bounds in and announces “you probably shouldn’t shake a box of chocolates into your mouth after eating an entire stollen” is merrily ignored, lying in wait to bounce back with shame-ridden vengeance in […]

Top Ten Tips For A Good Night’s Sleep

The reason I found meditation was because I’d experienced seven long years of insomnia. I had been desperately seeking solutions for much of that time. Having tried hypnotherapy, acupuncture, yoga, reflexology and various other methods, as well as herbal sleeping tablets, blackout blinds and silicon ear plugs, it was only the meditation that finally resolved […]

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Having A Healthier Christmas, Part Two

  Here at Will Williams Meditation we’ve been looking at healthy Christmas tips to keep you a little less sullied during the festivities this year. The festive season is about fun, letting go and LOTS of food, so trying to be healthy at this time of year may seem like a bit of a non-starter. […]

The Power Of Group Meditation

I remember when I first learned Beeja meditation. There were only a few of us in the class and yet I still remember the meditations in class being significantly more potent than when I did them on my own. The day after my course finished I attended a group meditation with about 20 people and […]

She’s Leaving Home

For me, both musically, and lyrically, this is the unsung hero of Sgt Pepper. My 17 year old self felt close to tears when hearing this song. I remember poignantly listening to this track in my old bedroom, feeling every breath of the young girl who felt the need to leave her parents and abscond […]

Date Fright

Despite it proving bothersome and terribly embarrassing since the dawn of time, human beings keep insisting on fancying each other. Variations on the sentiment “Cor, they’re a bit of alright” make up about 67% of human thoughts, and we’re always trying to meet up with people we fancy in order to try and foster some […]

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A Super Simple Way to Keep Meditating

I started Wills meditation course in September 2015 and the effects were near immediate, obvious and great. Some of the benefits I have noticed are that a twitch in my eye that I got during my father’s funeral has gone, my skin has cleared up, I am sleeping better and I am somewhat calmer with […]

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The Hero’s Journey

We had a really interesting group med the other night and it was evident that the majority of folks in attendance want to get to a place of peace and fulfillment double quick! This inspired me to enliven the phenomena of the hero’s journey, which in true mythical fashion, feels worthy of a retelling… When […]

Why We’re Trying Veganuary 2018

  What we eat is important in so many different ways. In a world of 7.6 billion people, (825 million of which are still undernourished) how our species is going to keep itself fed and healthy is an increasingly complicated question. Environmental pressures are becoming ever more profound, ethical concerns are creeping inexorably into the […]

Cognitive Dissonance

This month I wanted to talk about cognitive dissonance, one of my favourite observations from the field of psychology. Cognitive dissonance is the state of discomfort one feels when there is a conflict between the belief or paradigm one holds, and the actions, behaviours or evidence that one is confronted with. This discomfort induces the […]

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Our Highlights of 2018!

  Happy New Year everyone! We’ve got a very exciting year ahead of us at Will Williams Meditation, but before all that, we think it’s the right time to pause, reflect and look back over 2018. For many of us, the New Year is a psychologically powerful time. We are irresistibly drawn to the concepts […]

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Do We Need to Work Less to do More?

  People are always looking to increase their productivity. In a world where we are often defined by our productive capacity – and how much we get done is directly linked to our ability to earn a living – being able to improve our productivity can result in higher social standing, personal fulfillment, and wealth. […]

Welcome to 2014!

Hello everybody, we hope you all had a joyous festive break and are feeling inspired for the year ahead. It is a great time for a sense of renewal and many people find themselves inspired to initiate some progressive change in their lives. Evolution and moving in the direction of a better way of doing, […]

Meditation, Opioids and Dealing with Chronic Pain Naturally

  In the Guardian, recent articles have been exploring the opioid crisis in America. Characterised by easy access to prescription painkillers which made people dependent on the drugs, then a subsequent crackdown which drove already addicted patients to heroin, it’s an insight into what can go wrong as society tries to cope with pain. As […]

Why Aren’t Our Meditation Courses Free?

  Meditation is a beautiful, empowering thing. Its power to change people’s lives and foster a mindset of openness, connectivity and compassion across communities is one of the many reasons why we are so inspired to teach this practice. Recently, however, we have seen a few people ask a pointed question: “why does it cost […]

Defeating Student Stress with Meditation (and Money!)

    At Will Williams Meditation, one of our main goals is to help people deal with the demands of everyday life. The hectic pace of life and strains of the modern world can be very stressful, at times leaving people feeling as if they are unable to cope. For young people these everyday challenges […]

High Functioning Anxiety: How Do You Know When It’s Time to Get Help?

  It goes without saying that periods of sadness and anxiety are an inevitable part of life. Bad mental states can weigh on us for weeks or even months, and the stress of the modern world is something that is hard to avoid. But for those with high-functioning anxiety, these normal feelings have slipped into […]

Five Ways Meditation Makes You Healthier

  Sometimes, life can get so busy that adding a new habit into our routines is an unattractive prospect. Between trying to keep fit, earn a living, keep up with hobbies and spend time with loved ones, our schedules are so full that we are reluctant to add anything new. Despite this, sometimes it can […]

Three Ways Donald Trump Could Benefit From Meditation

  It’s undeniable that Donald Trump is already a capable and impressive man. With the thick, flowing locks of a Disney princess, a brain which could beat up Albert Einstein’s in a bar brawl and thick thighs like mighty oaks, he’s the president that the USA both wants and needs.  But that isn’t to say […]

How Meditation Can Make You Look Amazing

  Most of the time, we tend to associate meditation with our emotional and intellectual life. From changing our perspectives to making us kinder, meditation is very much an “internal” thing – and it goes without saying that when it comes to we humans, the most important things lie beneath the surface. But while it’s […]

Finding Calm in the Everyday

  A presiding feature of the modern world is that it’s an extremely busy place. Planet Earth is a huge 24/7 hive of activity – with all of humanity working, shopping, tidying and socialising throughout the day, and deep into the artificially-lit night. When you start to quantify just how much is going on at […]

Love, Sex & Surrender

In our busy lives, the sheer volume of tasks to be done and distractions to be had can overwhelm us and our connections often suffer as a result. How many times does your partner attempt to talk to you and you find yourself on autopilot barely registering what they’re saying? It happens a lot. Even […]

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Make hay when the sun shines

  It’s easy to forget the cares of the world when the sun is shining and the world feels so much brighter, especially in the UK where the weather seems to play such an important role in our individual and cultural psyche.   The bounty of barbecues, beaches, festivals and chillouts in the park make […]

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Excerpt From The Effortless Mind: Will William’s Extraordinary First Book

  This is an excerpt from Will Williams first book, on a subject he struggled with for several years: insomnia. You can order your copy here, and explore the inspiring stories of Will himself, and the people he has taught, learning how Beeja meditation helped them face their personal demons to become healthier and happier […]

Thin in Body, Fat in Consciousness

Greetings one and all. After a refreshing Christmas break it was great to be back teaching again. One of the recurring themes of the last month has been people’s attention to weight issues and a general dissatisfaction with December’s waistline developments! So we thought we should address it with a few eye opening ideas about […]

Sapere Aude

When I was at University, I found the content of my economics degree extremely theoretical which left me believing it had no real-world value or apparent applicability. Fair enough, concepts such as “moral hazard”, “selection bias”, “risk aversion” and “in-elasticity of demand” (which neatly explained my family’s penchant for cigarettes no matter what the price!) were all very insightful, but that […]

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Why Men Need to Think About Self-Care This Movember

  You may have noticed a lot of proto-moustaches forming on the top lips of usually clean-shaven men the last few days, which can only mean one thing – Movember is here! Here at Will Williams Meditation we think that taking up meditation is a great way to look after ourselves, and this Movember we’re […]

Of Fragments & Epiphanies

I hope you’re all travelling nicely. Lots of cool things happening behind the scenes here at meditation towers which hopefully we’ll be able to update you on next month. Up until yesterday I had a complete blank about what I was going to write about this month. Usually I’m filled with an abundance of ideas […]

Helping Staff Manage Stress During Tough Times

  Here at Will Williams Meditation, we think corporate wellbeing is really important. We spend so much of our lives working that making that time as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible should be a big priority across society. If you run a business or manage employees, helping staff manage stress during tough times could make […]

Putting Happiness into a Healthy Lifestyle This January

  As a culture, we put a lot of stock into the idea of self-denial and transformation in January. Whether it’s work mornings over the Christmas period spent feeling nauseous after one too many sherbets the evening before, or our diets reaching Peak Chocolate, there comes a moment when we think “blimey, this really must […]

Protecting Your Children’s Mental Wellbeing in the Modern World

  Here at Will Williams Meditation, we’ve helped many people deal with the cumulative effect of years of stress and worry, and it’s been my observation that the particular pressures of the modern world are weighing most heavily. Unfortunately, this increasingly seems to be impacting our children. Whether it’s social media, exams, appearance pressure or […]

The Best Meditation Quotes

  Sometimes, the most relatable, wise and inspiring ideas are condensed into a perfect collection of words, formed into poetic phrases that we can’t help wonder over. Here at Will Williams Meditations, we have many favourite quotes from exceptional individuals across the world, but it’s the quotes that relate (whether intentionally or not) to the […]

Four Ways to Make Christmas Less Stressful

It’s December, and although all the shops put up their decorations and began blasting out Christmas music what feels like months ago, by all normal people’s standard it’s finally socially acceptable to start talking about Christmas. And we love Christmas at Will Williams Meditation! You get to laze around, eat to your heart’s content, get […]

All I Want for Christmas…

With Christmas fast approaching and the whirl of pre-Christmas antics and prep upon us, it’s worth putting some attention on that which really matters most to each of us, and using this perspective to set our intentions for the New Year. The first thing to consider is what genuinely gives you deep pleasure and fulfilment […]

Of Patience and Procrastination

Here at meditation towers, we are so busy with the completion of the epic digital tome that is our new website, I thought the subject of procrastination would be a good subject to broach in the time I have to write this before my train reaches its final destination! It is said that the best […]

SAD: Navigating Through the Winter Blues

It’s known throughout the world that the British like to talk about the weather. The weather in Britain is the cause of grand disappointments, high drama and short bursts of sunny exuberance. But it’s the dreary, drizzly and grey skied that most defines the national mood, and when combined with short days this monotonous gloominess […]

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Why Meditation is For Everyone

  Recently, we read about the introduction of meditation to an Alaskan shipyard – workers in this most masculine of professions had started to meditate and stretch each morning to promote wellbeing. This got us thinking: if the benefits found in meditation are universal, and meditation is for everyone, why does it feel so newsworthy when it […]

Of diamonds and spinach … our journey to enlightenment

We will begin at the end, and that is with enlightenment and yet, that is also the beginning, because from the Beeja perspective, that is what we are driven to search for (often unwittingly) in our lives, hence our continual, and often dissatisfying pursuit of sustained happiness. We are constantly chasing rainbows when in actual […]

How To Stop Fixating On Negative Thoughts

One of the things that has struck me most forcefully since I’ve been teaching is the strongly ingrained tendency by most humans to fixate on the negative. Even when something is pretty bloody good, whether it be a relationship, a career, an event, or even our meditation practice, our prosecuting mind kicks in and we […]

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A Big Night Out With a Difference: World Meditation Day at Fabric 2018

There’s only a few days to go until World Meditation Day 2018, on Tuesday 15th May, and we can barely contain our excitement! We are celebrating with a unique wellness event that combines meditation, music, sound bathing and amazing food and drink to create an evening of the most amazing natural highs. Here you can […]

To dream, or not to dream, that is the question

I was at a talk recently and the subject of dreams popped up. Dreams as in our personal goals, our aspirations, our future hopes. This was followed by some lively discussion about the validity of identifying our dreams and the natural inclination to wish to follow them. On the one hand was the encouragement for […]

Spring Cleaning the Mind: How to Have an Emotional Clear-Out

  Maybe it’s the longer days and brighter sunshine, but as we stumble out of the fog of winter, the clutter of our lives can become very apparent. We look around our homes, eyeing up boxes of junk and brandishing a duster threateningly over neglected corners, all ready to throw ourselves into a thorough spring […]

Five Ways to Regain Lost Confidence

  While impossible to prove scientifically, it’s pretty much taken as fact of life that, when things go wrong, they all go wrong at once. Generally, positive and negative influences all coexist as you go from one day to the next, neither one massively outweighing the other, but every now and then the negatives grow […]

A yummy place to eat: Riverside Vegetaria, Kingston Upon Thames

I had the great joy of catching up with our dear friend and student Jasper recently as I was in his neck of the woods and so he suggested we lunch at this highly rated restaurant on the Thames waterfront. A very cute and unassuming place with barely ten tables to dine on, this little […]

Within You Without You

To Continue our Sgt. Pepper theme in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the album’s seminal release, we felt it apt to consider their most overtly spiritual and Indian influenced track, Within You Without You. The track itself was George Harrison’s second attempt to capture the magic of Indian raga music and the essence of […]

Shavasana Disco: Where Music and Meditation Meet

  When people think about meditation, the music of pop maestro Prince may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Whale song? Sure, that seems pretty meditation-y. Pan pipes and softly twinkling chimes, that can work too. But the get-up-and-dance, falsetto-laden, downright sexy melodies that defined one of music’s most iconic stars don’t […]

Fans, Bans & Removal Vans

As anticipated, June was an especially eventful month. What was perhaps less anticipated by most was the almost unbroken sunshine, the broken World Cup dreams and of course, the antics of Luis Suarez. Some may argue the latter two didn’t come as a huge surprise but the sight of the Uruguayan sinking his gnashers into […]

How Meditation Can Help New Families

  One of the things you notice, as you advance through your early life, is a marked changed in the content of your Facebook feed. Photos of neon-waving nights out start slowly disappearing, to be replaced by squishy newborns, perfect and glow-worm like in blankets. It would be easy to think, looking at such benign […]

Is Meditation the Secret to a Happy Relationship?

  To the general delight of chocolate manufacturers and restaurateurs everywhere, it’s Valentine’s Day! There’s so much love in the air that the police have to be sent out to shepherd all the pining lovers wandering the moors back to the safety of their own homes, and you can’t move for people serenading their paramours […]

Bombay Brasserie

I had the great pleasure of being invited to dinner by one of our meditators and he took me to the very refined confines of the Bombay Brasserie. For all those who haven’t frequented this well healed Kensington establishment, space is certainly at its most generous here with widely spaced tables, perfect when you wish […]

What Makes City Living So Stressful?

When thinking of nice ways to spend an afternoon, lying in a MRI scanner and solving difficult maths problems while people tut, sarcastically comment and roll their eyes at your responses isn’t at the top of anyone’s list. Dreamed up as a way to ensure that whoever was experiencing it felt pressured and unhappy, this […]

The Unbeatable Dynamism of Being

Here we are in the glories of India, taking a break after what has been a ridiculously busy year. It feels like we’ve rolled all our weekends into one extended break and our bodies are singing in thanks. This brings us nicely to the subject of dynamic rest. At least one of our newsletters has […]

Meditation & Sleep

  I’m constantly amazed by the amount of people who are not sleeping so well these days…the problem seems to be getting worse by the year. And even for those who seem to sleep through the night, every single one of us living in an urban environment, or spending a lot of time in front […]

Womens Reproductive Health and Infertility: How Meditation Can Help

  This is the start of infertility awareness week in America, an issue that effects many people throughout the world and can cause huge amounts of distress. Studies have shown that, as a group, women who experience problems with fertility are as anxious and depressed as those who are living with cancer, heart disease or […]

Tackling Migraine Stigma and Misconceptions: Migraine Awareness Week

  This week it’s Migraine Awareness Week and we have been looking into the problems, pain and stigmatisation that accompanies this often misunderstood illness. There are more migraines sufferers than people who live with diabetes, epilepsy and asthma combined in the UK, costing the economy an estimated £2.25 billion a year. With over six million […]

World Meditation Day 2017 – Monday 15th May

  On Monday, 15th May – we took over The London Eye to launch World Meditation Day 2017. We invited everyone on Earth to join a worldwide meditation. Whether you’re at home, working or travelling – we suggest taking 15 – 20 minutes out of your day to relax and reflect. If you need a […]

The Roots of it All

In his memoirs, Chairman Mao referenced an incident from his childhood which is incredibly instructive for us all, and one he seems to have woefully overlooked in his destructive rise to power. When he was a wee lad, young Mao’s mother had a garden which was the pride of the province. People used to come […]

How to Stop the Winter Blues Overwhelming You At Work

  At this time of year, we can all find ourselves a little bogged down in the winter blues. Waking up and travelling in the dark, niggly seasonal illnesses and the fact that Spring still feels very far away can make dragging ourselves out of bed to get to work feel like the last thing […]

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Is organic food the new Green Revolution?

  In light of our organic-driven Ayurvedic cooking workshop, Organic September and our fruitful collaboration with healthy food specialists Hemsley + Hemsley, today’s blog is about the history of farmed foods and the inexorable rise of one of our favourite industries: organic produce. Food has been the defining factor in humanity’s development and proliferation, and farming […]


Love: the most captivating, most enchanting and most compelling force on earth. Everything we do centres on our hunger to give love and receive it. Our activities may be shrouded by a more obvious motive force, but the underlying is always the seeking of love. Love of self and love of others. But what is […]

Religion Versus Spirituality

  One of the most interesting and challenging areas of exploration is the distinction between religion versus spirituality. We get lots of enquiries from people asking if this whole Beeja thing is really non-religious. Or we get others saying they don’t want anything spiritual from the practise, assuming that it may be too hippy, new […]

Why Are We Still Failing in UK Mental Health Support?

  In recent months, the news about mental health support in the UK has been, with few exceptions, overwhelmingly negative. Whether it’s NHS shortfalls and a lack of beds, which impacted patients who later died1; children with mental health issues facing “unacceptable”2 waiting times to get help; or women who find it difficult to access […]

How Should You Deal with Anger?

  Anger has a negative image.  It would be hard to find anyone who likes to feel angry or experience anger in others, but despite this anger can be very important. It helps us stand up for ourselves, perceive and address injustice, and gives us the rush of adrenaline needed to face danger when we […]

Love II

Last month we wrote a post on love and how we may develop our capacity for feeling it and giving it. But what is this nebulous thing we call love? And is there just one type of love or are there many, like different colours of the spectrum? It seems that there are indeed many […]

Plastic Waste and The Tragedy Of The Commons

  When I studied Economics at Uni I found myself largely turned off by much of the theorising that took place, it seemed so far removed from what was actually going on in day to day life. However, there were a few principles which struck me as being absolutely bang on. One of them, was […]

The Alexandrian Principle

I thought it would be relevant to start this year’s first newsletter with a lesson from another of history’s renowned leaders, this one emanating from the other end of Eurasia in a little territory called Macedon around 2400 years ago. It was then that a brilliant and precocious child, named Alexander, was born to Philip […]

Digital Detox: Is Modern Technology Stressing Us Out?

  To mention that we are constantly “switched on” in the modern world is to venture into the realms of cliche. But like most cliches, this is something that happens to be true. The Internet – and the technological advancements that have accompanied it – has revolutionised our lives for the better in so many ways, […]

Rhythm is a Dancer

We had a wonderful discussion at our recent ‘Off the Wagon’ workshop about the rhythms of nature and in particular, our biological and hormonal rhythms that are essential to a happy and healthy life experience. It feels like a great topic to expand upon as we begin our transition from Winter to Spring on this […]

Surviving Dry January and Beyond

  Given up the booze this January? Lasting the 31 days without a single glass of wine or a social beer can seem like a huge ask, but if you’re attempting Dry January you must already have the motivation to give it a go – all you have to do now is stick it out. […]

Knowledge Eliminates Fear

We have just returned from our spring retreat and it was an incredibly memorable experience! By the end of the weekend we were getting stuck into some pretty profound knowledge and experiences and it seems many of the participants felt they were peering through the looking glass and realising that there is more to what […]

We, the People

It was Election Day yesterday. Naturally I’m loathe to get involved in choosing between parties, that would be way too controversial! I’m more interested in the observation that everyone seems to be 100% on board with the idea of a democracy without ever really questioning it. Admittedly, it seems to make sense on the surface. […]

The Meditation In Schools Initiative

“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” Socrates In February 2019, we were privileged enough to bring the transformative practice of meditation to children at Islington’s New North Academy. As part of an initiative to support and protect the mental health of children, who are under increasing pressure in the […]

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Soft Shoe Shufflers

It was Jess’s birthday on Monday and we had a lovely end to the evening listening to tunes and chilling out. Jess put on George Harrison, one of her favs, and cranked it up for, My Sweet Lord and Wah Wah, before finishing with the track Beware of Darkness. This Georgie classic contains the line, […]

Meditation in the Workplace: The Companies Embracing Corporate Wellbeing

  For a long time, the tough and competitive world of business wasn’t a place you’d expect meditation to flourish. In an environment where results are key and time is of the essence, the idea of sitting down in the apparently unproductive activity of meditation (although, in reality, it is of course anything but!) could […]

Why Does It Always Rain On Me

We had an interesting experience a couple of weekends ago when organising an outdoor video shoot. It was going really well until the heavens opened and poured copious amounts of water all over our set. Even at the height of summer it’s an occupational hazard in the land of Blighty of course, but so ironic […]

To Tweet or to transcend, that is the question

  One of people’s biggest concerns coming into meditation is ‘how will I find time for 30-40 minutes of meditation a day? It’s a good question, and one that implies an even more fundamental question, which is ‘what am I doing with my time each day, and can I my optimally allocate my time to achieve […]

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Success – what does it mean to you?

I’m constantly intrigued by the amount of people who think stress is necessary for success. One day I’ll write a blog, or maybe even a book (to add to my list!) about how and why stress isn’t just unnecessary, but quite often counter-productive to the achievement of the greatest outcomes. However, for this month’s post, […]

The True Art of Hedonism

I spent much of my life being very proud of the fact that I was a hedonist. I considered the pursuit of fun and happiness the most important aspect of living and I took great delight in pushing my boundaries and seeking out ever more intense and gratifying experiences. And in many ways you could […]

Share your #MeditateAnywhere photos for a chance to win OM Yoga Show tickets!

One of the brilliant things about Beeja meditation is that you can practice it absolutely anywhere, whether it’s in the quiet privacy of your home, a secret spot in the leafy countryside, or in the middle of the raucous breakfast rush at your local cafe. To celebrate Beeja meditations beautiful versatility, today we are launching […]

International Children’s Day: Teaching Children How to Be Happy

  Today is International Children’s Day, proclaimed by The World Conference for the Well-being of Children in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1925. There’s also another Children’s Day on 20 November 2018, but we suppose we can’t resent the little monkeys for getting more than their fair share – they are rather delightful, after all. But despite […]

The Cost of Workplace Stress

For employers, and the self employed, workplace stress can have significant personal and financial effect. According to the mental health charity Mind, stress costs the UK economy 100 billion every year, and in the US it’s thought to be somewhere between $200 and $300 billion. With the potential for huge savings, as well as ensuring […]

What Can We Learn From The World’s Happiest Countries?

It is World Mental Health Awareness week, an event that is particularly pertinent at a time when one in four adults (and one in ten children) are suffering with mental health issues in any given year. The occasion aims to raise awareness, reduce stigma and tackle this global issue. Here at Will Williams Meditation we […]

12 Tips For Surviving Christmas [Part One]

Christmas is indisputably brilliant. It’s the only time where you are officially mandated by your family, peers and possibly even the government to indulge yourself to such an illogical extent that if you did it at any other time of year, people would be legitimately worried about you. But like every party that lasts for […]

Expectations Vs Reality: Why Paris Syndrome Leaves Japanese Tourists in Shock

  “Paris Syndrome” is a strange thing. Through books and films the city of lights has developed an international reputation of idyllic metropolitan beauty, full of romance, artistry and picture-postcard scenes. Yet many people don’t realise that, while still lovely, this is a city that is beset by all the usual problems of big urban […]

What to Think About When You Want to Start Meditating

  In the last few years, meditation has soared in popularity. The people who practice meditation have always had a strong conviction that the practice is beneficial, and as more and more scientific research supports this this anecdotal evidence, others are taking up the practice in order to cope with their increasingly stressful lives. It’s […]

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Humans Vs Animals: The Stress Contest

  When talking about stress, it’s good to remember that it’s served us well in the millennia that we took to evolve. Stress is ancient and vital to survival, and if a panic response didn’t kick in when we saw a predator looking at us with a glint in it’s eye, none of us would […]

Trump and Modern America: Is Gun Violence a Mental Health Issue?

  It’s been just over a week since a Texas church shooting claimed 26 innocent lives, and already we can see the incident fading from the news. It will go down in history as yet another mass shooting in the USA, just one part of a wider trend where mass shootings are becoming more frequent, […]

How can you stop stress ruining your relationship?

  It’s no secret that many of us live with more stress than we can comfortably cope with. In a world where money often takes precedence, the usual focus is on how this affects our work. But this isn’t the only environment where stress can overwhelm us, and being under pressure can lead to outcomes […]

The Power of a Panic Attack Selfie

  Those suffering with panic attacks can feel like they are completely out of control. Happening suddenly and often with no clear reason, panic attacks usually elicit a racing heartbeat, a shortness of breath and choking sensation, and dizziness or nausea. Sometimes, panic attacks make people feel as if they are about to die, and […]

Human Connection and National Hugging Day

  Humans are social animals. Having spent the majority of our history existing in small, close-knit groups of perhaps two hundred people or less, the vast majority of people are empathetic creatures who need to feel social connection in order to be happy. But despite living in an age where it’s possible to talk to […]

Dealing With Mental Health in the City

  2 million Londoners will experience mental health problems this year; and only 25% of these people will actively deal with their difficulties, according to the London Health Board. Living in the city can be much more stressful and mentally draining than living outside urban areas. City-specific stressors such as noise, lack of natural spaces and increased […]

Calming Christmas Gift List for Meditation and Wellbeing

  To paraphrase the eternal words of Slade, IT’S (nearly) CHRISTMAS! Christmas is an excellent time of year, where everyone gets to sing about reindeers and indulge themselves in the manner of a slightly less restrained version of George IV. But unfortunately, drinking cream for breakfast and raucous carolling aren’t the whole story. We have […]

12 Tips For Surviving Christmas [Part Two]

Fifth Day of Christmas – Sleep Christmas is too exciting for sleep! And you have to practice to stay up and see Santa. Sure, you may be thirty two years old, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get caught up in the spirit of the thing. Except, if you think about it, you do have […]

The Most Stressful Things About Christmas (And How Meditation Can Help!)

  As it does every year, December has raced past in a most inconsiderate manner. All those preparatory days have gone, and Christmas is waiting excitedly round the corner to rugby tackle us into a world of festive joviality and endless cheese boards. It goes without saying that Christmas is wonderful, but these last few […]

Modern Life is Stressful – Why Meditation is the Answer

  In many ways, it seems churlish to argue that life isn’t now is more comfortable, convenient and prosperous than it has ever has been. While our ancestors spent their days grubbing up roots for a mud-and-onion stew, getting tormented by Vikings or diligently developing scurvy, we get to sit around eating pizzas and watching […]

Meditation for the Creative Mind

  Creativity is a valuable resource. We look at the brilliant, inspired ideas of others, marvelling at their originality and boldness, and want our own brains to work that way. There’s also an inescapable air of romance around the people who dedicate themselves to a creative life, with the penniless artist, travelling writer and glamorous […]

Four Superheroes Who Really Need To Meditate

  Superheroes are a pretty inspirational bunch, what with all their humanity-saving habits, impressive physiques and amazing abilities, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have some pretty glaring character flaws. Whether they’re obsessed with revenge, emotionally volatile or so noble it starting to become a problem, there are definitely aspects of their personality they need […]

Difficulty Meditating: The Barriers To Meditation & How To Overcome Them

  The benefits of meditation are something that, in recent years, have become very well known. From managing anxiety to increasing our levels of productivity, there are scores of reasons why we may want to make meditation a daily habit. Beeja meditation is an effortless technique that can seamlessly fit into modern life, but there […]

The Fifth Beatle

I’ve just found out that Mr George Martin, the fifth Beatle and most honorary of sirs, has passed away and instead of feeling sad, I feel completely uplifted to remember all of his amazing works. At the age of 15 I became totally obsessed by the Beatles, and have never really known anything like it […]

Beating the Nerves on Your Wedding Morning

As Spring approaches and we head into wedding season, here at Will Williams we’ve decided to put our heads together to give advice for brides (and grooms!) on how to beat wedding nerves in the joyful yet undeniably nerve-racking run up to the big day. Lots of brides-to-be have a picture of what waking up on […]

How Do You Find Time to Meditate?

  Recently, we’ve been thinking about the barriers to meditation. Many people intend to make meditation a habit, but sometimes even the most motivated of us can find our practice slipping – despite quickly feeling the benefits. We explored in a blog post last week some of the common stumbling blocks people can encounter, but […]

12 Tips for Surviving Christmas [Part Three]

Ninth Day of Christmas- Concentration We all know how important it is to beat that particularly successful family member (let’s face it, it’s usually Dad) in board games. They sailed through to victory in Risk, Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit throughout your entire childhood and this needs to be avenged. You can achieve this through top-notch […]

The Luxury Trap

For most of human history, we spent our days hunting and gathering food, wherever we could find them. If a particular area was lacking in nutrient rich supplies, or if it was being made use of by another band whom we didn’t want to war with, then we would simply wander somewhere else and make […]

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